Finding help

By now you've probably realised there is a lot that Moodle can do. In this course we've only begun to look at some of the activities you can create. As you start to get more adventurous in developing your course and trying out the different possibilities of running your course either fully online or in a blended environment, you're likely to need help or advice in how you can best use Moodle to achieve what you want.

There's a wide range of ways in which you can find help:

Moodle contextual help: these are the help files which appear when you click on the yellow help icons (Moodle help icon) you'll see throughout Moodle. They provide you with contextualised help and information for the page or setting you are currently viewing.

Moodle docs: : online help files in wiki style so anyone can update and add to the documentation.

Moodle forums: : there are forum topics covering all aspects of Moodle, messages are usually responded to quickly by the Moodle community from all over the world You'll need to register on the Moodle site to be able to post a message.

There are more ways in which you can get help and advice for Moodle on the Moodle support pages at:

Have a look at the different types of support available and see the topics discussed in the Moodle forums.

Last modified: Monday, February 7, 2011, 11:16 AM