Choices, choices

Sometimes you may want to run a quick poll or survey of your students to find their opinions or preferences. Setting up a Moodle quiz isn't really a suitable activity type for this type of poll or survey as you're limited in how you can display results back to users.

If you just want to ask a single question in your poll or survey, (for example, which is your favourite football team?') then a Moodle Choice activity is ideal. A choice activity is ungraded, as it's a simple multiple choice question.

When you create the activity (select 'choice' from the 'add an activity' drop down) as well as entering the question and possible responses, you have a number of options for how you can display the results (if you want to display them at all), whether you show the results anonymously and whether students are able to update their choice at a later date:

Choices settings

Here's an example of the results being displayed to our favourite football team questions:

Choice results

So far we can see that, surprisingly, everyone supports Southampton, but we've decided to keep the responses anonymous.

Can you think of some possible uses for the choice activity? Why not try creating one in your course and try out the different settings.

Last modified: Monday, February 7, 2011, 11:16 AM