Engage, Enhance, and Extend Learning Application

Activity Objective: Learn about the ways to use technology to develop innovative projects that allow for lifelong learning opportunities and a deeper understanding of learning goals using the protocol from the Triple E Framework and the Engage, Enhance, and Extend Learning Guide Template.

Activity Directions:

  1. Take some time to think about the engage, enhance, and extend process as outlined in the Liz Keren-Kolb’s Engage, Enhance, and Extend Learning article. 
  2. Choose one of your existing technology-based classroom assignments, and using the Engage, Enhance, and Extend Learning Guide Template, score it to gauge the degree of effective instructional technology integration.
  3. In this forum, share your reflections on the value of this process and how it might impact your teaching practice.

Activity Completion: 

  1. You must submit one entry for the activity to be marked complete AND
  2. respond to at least one other participant's response; respond with:
      • a rationale for your thoughts;
      • a question, idea, or statement that furthers the conversation; and
      • appreciation and respect for your peers' thoughts and ideas.

Instructional Technology PD Rubric

Moodle Directions:

  1. Click on Reply in the bottom right
  2. Post your ideas in the forum entry
  3. Click on Post to Forum when complete
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