GRCC articulated curriculum and coursework for CD105. CD106. CD 107, CD 108, CD 112

I help you find out who you are, what jobs you like, help you create a resume or application so you can get the job, and prepare you for the interview. I aim to help Kent Transition Center students become more employable through vocabulary reinforcement, resume writing, reading and writing strategies, and interviewing/speaking skills. 

The Transportation Program offers a hands-on vehicle maintenance opportunity.  Come experience real world training on state-of-the-art equipment and learn how to service a variety of customer vehicles.

If working with people, products and money sounds exciting to you, explore the world of retail.  Get hands-on training in stocking pricing, cashiering, merchandising, and customer service. Come see what's in store!

You can learn...stocking, inventory and display, sales and customer service skills, Retail math and cash register operations, workplace safety, retail merchandising, how to operate a coffee/espresso maker and popcorn machine, Virtual Business software