9.1 Review of online activities and content

The final part of this course will look back as what you've learned, how your course has worked with your students and develop some ideas as to how your course could be improved.

Firstly a quick recap of how far you've come in the last few weeks. Depending on whether you are taking this as an online only or blended course, you will have had slightly different experiences in the course structure.

Topics 1-4 cover a wide range of elearning issues, tools as well as an introduction to creating course content in Moodle. We looked at how you could add video content to your course (topic 8), how you can make use of Open Educational Resources (topic 4) and a variety of open source tools you can use to help support elearning on your course whether or not you are using Moodle as your course delivery platform. During this part of the course we jumped around a little, skimming the surface of a wide range of topics, hopefully you'll be encouraged to investigate those which interest you most

Topics 5-8 focused much more on the technical and practical skills needed to use Moodle. We have covered the main operations and activity types that you're likely to want to use initially, but we hope that you´ll begin to become more ambitious in what you can do with technology and elearning, so we hope we've given you enough of a help up to be confident in your experimentation. Use some of the ideas from the 'Using Moodle' book or have a look at what other teachers are doing in the Moodle Forums. If you haven't already, now is a great time to recap on those topics which you are less confident on.

By now, you should also have been using your course with your students, so you're beginning to have ideas as to what types of activities are working for you and your students and where problems arise, perhaps your students don't have good computer access, maybe you find that a handful of students dominate the online forums. In this final part of the course you'll highlight the main issues for your course and develop a plan for dealing with these issues.

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