Closing your course

At the start of this course we saw the importance of creating a good structure for your online course. One aspect of having a good structure is making sure your course has a conclusion or summary section, rather than stopping abruptly at the end of a particular topic.

This makes is easy for students to know they are at the end of the course - you're not suddenly going to spring another topic on them, and it's a way for you to draw your course to a close.

Here are some ideas as to what you could include in your concluding section:
  • A summary of the topics covered, highlight the main themes and what your student have learned
  • Exam preparation - perhaps some example exam questions, advise on revision techniques or copies of previous years' exam papers
  • Where to go next - perhaps there are follow up courses they may wish to take
  • Feedback and questionnaire - we'll look at this more in the next topic
What do you think would be most valuable to include in your course conclusion?

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