Participants Introduction

Participants should introduce themselves to each other, and express their expectations with this course.

Activity 1: About Youdialog and Your expectations

(Blended mode)

  1. Attach a name/college tag to every student
  2. Work in small groups: say hello to your neighbours
  3. You can spend 10 minutes on this exercise, then give a summary to everyone.
(Online mode)
  1. Post a message to the course forum "About you and your expectations" to introduce yourself to the other participants.


  • Who has used e-learning environments?
  • Who has used technologies such as Instant Messaging, Blogs, Wikis, video-conferencing, …?
  • Who has authored materials for use in e-learning?
  • Who has installed or managed e-learning environments?
  • Whether you are a computer expert or a scientist (or both)
  • What you would like to gain from this workshop
  • The topics you would like to be covered

An short video: Education Today and Tomorrow

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