Course Prerequisites

Learners should have some familiarity with computers and are expected to be familiar with e-mail and possess a general knowledge of the Internet and word processing to compose assignments and send attachments to the instructor.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Through the application of course content, your participation in the learning activities, and the related assessment techniques, you should be able to:
  • Demonstrate computer literacy skills to support the ability to integrate technology into university teaching practice.
  • Demonstrate communications skills that will encourage the as teacher ability to communicate ideas and opinions.
  • Demonstrate group effectiveness skills that will support the notion of a collaborative learning culture using technology.
  • Explain the technologies used to connect teachers and learners for distance education.
  • Discuss how technology and resources influence the distance learning environment.
  • Explain the responsibilities of the instructor for ensuring student participation.
  • Explain the importance of creating a learning community.
  • Discuss the role of assessment in the instructional design process.
  • Discuss the advantages and limitations of Internet-based learning.
  • Develop and facilitate a distance learning course module/unit of instruction.
  • Ongoing use of the created online activities.


There are 3 methods of assessment in this course, each of which must be completed to obtain certification:

Assignment Activities Complete 80% of the assessments at contained in each topic
Obtain at least 80% in each of the topic quizzes
Course Development:
  • course formatting and structure (introduction, summary, layout, narrative etc) (30%)

  • Upload course outline document (10%)

  • Upload course content in appropriate format (30%)

  • Course activity creation (30%)

At least 80%

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