Staff Professional Learning and Development

GrowthOur organization strongly encourages employees to develop in ways that link to the strategic objectives of the Kent Intermediate School District. Managing your career is a partnership between the employee, the supervisor, and the Kent ISD.

Employees are responsible for actively managing their careers, increasing their skills and experience, and maintaining a high level of performance.

are responsible for actively encouraging and supporting staff in their career planning, using the available tools and processes to help employees find the best match between their talents and the needs of the campus.

The Kent ISD is responsible for creating and providing opportunities for growth based on performance excellence, talent, and potential.

Career Development

Career ModelAs an employee in an educational institution, self-learning is a key competency of any of our staff members. Our expectation is that you will take control of your own career development by assessing your current skill-set, increasing your awareness of career and learning opportunities, setting goals for yourself, and developing your skills through active participation in professional learning activities.

The Kent ISD has many opportunities to engage in professional learning. Our Professional Development Hub website lists workshops, learning on demand and learning to go. Each of these options are available for you to take control of your professional learning.

Learning Software Applications

LyndaIn addition to our PD Hub, the Kent ISD makes available a fantastic online resource called where you can access and learn about software applications and other computer operation topics. To login and start using this resource - click the Lynda icon. Once there, click the Create a Profile button and follow the instructions.

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