FilteringIn schools today, there is one issue that most teachers, and all students are passionate about - Internet filtering and blocking of websites.

In this module, you will explore several resources on the laws that govern filtering in schools, and ways that schools should approach this contentious issue.

In our area, we are not quite at that level of blocking as in other places. Depending on what district you're in around the United States, things are are as bad as this image from Dr. Scott McLeod makes things out to be. Yes. Really.


First, please visit the following website and read about the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA):
CIPA overview from the FCC
Straight from the DOE: Dispelling Myths About Blocked Sites

Next, read this post (Would you please block...) by Bud Hunt at his blog, "Bud the Teacher".

Then, read "Doing the Right Thing With Technology" by Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey.

Finally, visit the forum named Acceptable Use Policy and Internet Filtering and reply to my question.

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