Week 3 Discussion Forum

Career mapping, as evidenced by this EdWeek article, is a growing trend across the country. Michigan is also aligned with this national trend through its legislation requiring educational development plans (EDPs) to begin in the 7th grade. Whether called career mapping, EDPs, or student/individual learning plans, the practice requires a career readiness culture to be developed in order to be effective.

Create a visual "snapshot" of how career maturity is developed in your school, district, or organization. Evidence may include items such as mission statements, visual displays around the school, signage, brochures, sample communications sent out to students, parents, the community, etc. Using the media of your choice, create & upload these items (5-10 samples) into a brief PowerPoint slide, video clip, or a photo story. The focus should be on the content rather than technology. In your post, reflect on the level of ease/difficulty in collecting this evidence and areas for improvement.

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