What do students want?

In this activity, you will do several things before you post your reflection.  You may wish to keep your notes on a separate document before posting it into the forum.

Each year Project Tomorrow administers the Speakup survey to hundreds of thousands of students in middle and high school asking what they think school should be like and what kinds of technology expectations they have.

For this assignment, read the 10 Things Everyone Should Know About K-12 Student's Views on Digital Learning.

Next, watch the Vision Of Students Today (VOST 2011 remix)Mary Moss-Wirt, How I Want and Need to Learn, and The New Tech Solution.

Then, click REPLY to this message and post your thoughts on any of the statistics or desires of kids in the video had that struck you as important or interesting.

Now, Think about the kids in your school. What are the implications of the study of how school is versus how school should be from the lens of a typical student? What about the video - do you see school as a place where kids are able to find the learning that they want?

Finally, answer this question in your post: "Would you like to be a student in your classroom?" 

Please come back and read other participant posts and comment on their observations and wonderings as well.

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