Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Exponential Functions are used to model growth of populations, interest on an investment, depreciation of cars, decay of radioactivity, and many other real-life things. Logarithmic Functions are used to measure earthquakes (Richter Scale), Acidity (pH), and Sound Intensity (decibels).

The Trouble with Tribbles

Tribbles are cute, furry creatures that exist in the world of Star Trek. Being Hermaphrodites (both male and female), tribbles can produce a litter of 10 babies every 12 hours. One tribble was trapped in the grain hold of the starship Enterprise for 3 days. Science officer Spock proclaimed that there were 1,771,561 tribbles in the grain hold at the end of this time. Is Spock correct? Watch the video clip below then do The Trouble with Tribbles worksheet.

Tribble Breeding Chart

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