Common Core Literacy Overview Lesson

Book on tools and ideas for implementing CC literacy

Literacy in the Common Core Overview


Many people may be feeling like the guy in the picture when thinking about teaching literacy skills directly in their courses. The Common Core Standards have a dedicated section for literacy standards for science, socials studies, and technical course, and they are fairly rigorous. I don't think many would argue that reading, writing, and research should be addressed as much as possible with our students, but I think many are apprehensive about how to incorporate that into their curriculum. This session will inform you about the expectations and provide you with tools to help you make that transition.

Shifts in Common Core

  • Literacy explicitly embedded in all content areas
    • Reading and Writing
    • Complexity increases w/ grade level
  • Focus on informational text/ text complexity range
  • Increased focus on text-based evidence, supporting and explaining answers.

*This takes work and lots of scaffolding