Google Apps Overview Lesson

Covers Google Forms, Sites, Calendar, and YouTube


Pretty much everyone knows about and has seen YouTube, but not everyone knows that they have a YouTube account attached to their Google account (as long as your organization allows it). Even fewer people know about the all the useful features available for users. Educators and students can use it in ways too numerous to name. Look below to learn about some of them:

How to Upload Video

Other Useful Links/ Ideas
  • Teacher Guide to using YouTube
  • Google YouTube Support
  • Ideas
    • Record from webcam and upload (presentation practice, simple communication, project component)
    • Conduct classroom discussions in comments or embed in Google Doc and set up discussion/ analysis on that
    • Create a playlist of videos and add your own intro with directions/ input
    • Add questions to a video for student response
    • Embed videos of class performance/ work on your website