The central objective of this course is to introduce you to mindfulness meditation and help you cultivate a personal mindfulness practice. Both beginners and those with significant experience find this course extremely worthwhile.

In this five-week blended learning course, you will learn the basics of mindfulness meditation through a series of readings, reflections, and guided mindfulness practices. This course includes current scientific research on mindfulness and the brain, emotion regulation, and compassion. There will be 5 live Zoom sessions with Patti Ward, Mindful Schools Certified Instructor and Kate Austin, Mindful Schools Certified Instructor. 

Course highlights:

  • The basics of mindfulness meditation
  • How to work with thinking that arises while practicing mindfulness
  • Techniques for meeting and navigating intense emotions
  • Practices that cultivate positive states of mind like gratitude, kindness, joy & compassion
  • The role mindfulness plays in communication and interaction
  • Support for developing a daily sitting practice