Maintenance and Light Repair

This is a course in basic Automotive Electricity. 

Course Outline:

  • Unit 1 Safety and General Engine Diagnosis
  • Unit 2 Engine Block Assembly Diagnosis and Repair
  • Unit 3 Cylinder Head and Valve Train Diagnosis and Repair
  • Unit 4 Lubrication and Cooling Systems
  • Unit 5 Engine Performance

This is a course in basic Automotive Electricity. 

Description of the Content:

This course will be an 18 week experience into automotive technology.  We will begin by learning basic skills needed in any shop environment and then move forward into automotive suspension, steering and automatic transmissions.  This class will also explore career options and preparation that can be applied to any workplace.

Suspension and Steering:                                                   Automatic Transmission:

  1. General (3 weeks)                                                       1. Transmission and Transaxle Principles (1 weeks)
  2. Tires and Wheels (2 week)                                          2. Transmission and Transaxle Diagnosis (1 week)
  3. TPMS and Tire Service (2 weeks)                               3. Hydraulic Components and Controls (1 week)
  4. Front Suspension System Principles (2 weeks)          4. In-Vehicle Service and Unit Repair (1 week)
  5. Rear Suspension System Principles (2 weeks)
  6. Wheel Alignment (3 weeks)