This course highlights the skills students need to acquire to successfully get a job in today's job market. Students can also use this course as partial completion of the SHS Career Academy's Employability Skills credit for graduation.

Students in this class will learn word processing, spreadsheet, electronic presentation, and database skills using Microsoft Office 2007 software.  Other objectives include using the Internet, E-mail, graphics, Web page design, digital photography, and digital video. This class meets the state's requirement for one credit of "on-line" experience.


In this course, students will learn basic programming techniques using Microsoft Visual Basic. Topics covered include developing user interfaces, constants and variables, decision models, looping structures, and much more.

This is a year long course for Advanced Placement Statistics as outlined and approved by the College Board.

This is the online segment of the Career Intern Program at Sparta High School.

This course if for Sparta High School Career Interns. It provides an online presence for students to submit coursework and to communicate with each other and the instructor.